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  1. Jaskier
    11.07.2014 13:34
    Hi DRom. Here is Jaskier-we wrie together in past ( I ask You if I can use Dark Saga .ZEN on my Gothic Mulitplayer Server). And now I have one question. Can We ( Team Blood Brothers) use Your's Fabule and Dialogs and .ZEN and characters on our Server MOO-RPG?
  2. Jaskier
    18.01.2014 22:18
    Drom. I have a bug on my serwer. I choose the main map - ORCMINE.ZEN but when I'm joining the game the game is closing and i have a bug ,,ACCESS VOLIDATION". I have this maps in DATA folder but why I have this bug? My friends have bug,too;(
  3. Jaskier
    17.01.2014 21:19
    Drom but where is the mod file? I download the full pack od mod, not divided into parts;/
  4. DRom
    16.01.2014 05:20
    ZEN Dark saga you can take from the mod file. Download links fashion on our forum. skype I do not use.
  5. Jaskier
    15.01.2014 21:13
    Drom can u send me .ZEN Dark saga? For exsmple on skype
  6. Jaskier
    15.01.2014 17:22
    Thank u very much
  7. DRom
    15.01.2014 07:29
    Hi! We don't object to the use of maps of Saga in your project with indication of our authorship.
  8. Jaskier
    14.01.2014 20:04
    Hi im from Poland and i want to make a server to gothic multiplayer and i want a map from Dark saga in it can i use it? I will wrota about magic team in credits Please and can u and me map ( .ZEN) on skype or something ? Because i will need it on server in future my skype- pabek123

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