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  1. Jaskier
    15.01.2014 01:06
    Tkanks ocelot i do this but If drom will give me permission to map , can he send me .ZEN only for exsmple on skype? Can u taki with him?
  2. Ocelot
    14.01.2014 21:45
    Hi Jaskier! You can write a Drom*e (//magic-team.net.ru/member.php?u=10). If you have any questions, you can write to me.
  3. Jaskier
    14.01.2014 20:01
    hi ocelot im from Poland and i want to make a server in gothic multiplayer can i use map from Dark saga? Where i must wrota to get it? I sen a MessagePad to DEDROID because i have read that he nade models and textures

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