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PGArchangel 06.06.2007 21:04

Questions about modification
Post your questions about GlobalMod. ;-)

Xan 22.12.2007 20:50

Questions about modification
this post is not for about Global mod.
I would like to ask you why you always write into English? :huh:

Beckham 07.04.2008 16:54

Questions about modification
My advice to you: Start learning English grammar.

mantIs 12.06.2009 07:29

Questions about modification
aren't these themes just 4 fun? :D 1st time I saw them,
I thought there some fans from England here :-)

Lev-Lion 12.06.2009 07:55

Questions about modification

Although, the English forum is almost not used by its users we hope that in the future our modification would be translated into English (may be). That would hopefully attract Gothic funs from Europe (especially Germans) and may be North America.

PS: The English forum was not designed 4 fun! :)

mantIs 12.06.2009 19:43

Questions about modification
I heard that was found out that Gothic fans are
currently from Russia or Germany ONLY :D
I think translation to English very good idea, and
want to help u :)

Lev-Lion 12.06.2009 20:43

Questions about modification

Don't hurry yet. If we will need your help, we will ask you :)

mantIs 13.06.2009 08:48

Questions about modification
Yep! :)

Lev-Lion 13.06.2009 19:46

Questions about modification


Vic7im 06.12.2014 20:26

Re: Questions about modification
Hello everyone!

I'm Vic7im, from Italy, and I would like to give you my sincere congratulations for the work you've done. Dark Saga (I admit it, I've played it following a walkthrough on youtube to guide me XD) was an awesome mod and I was truly stunned by the quality of your work.

I'm a modder myself, I'm working on a modification called "Requiem" (ex- Enhanced Edition), a complex mod for Gothic II adding many features, both new and from the first game.

I would love to use some of the animations/models from your project, I will give you full credit of course, and the gratitude of the (many) non-german/russian fans of Gothic xD

Hope to hear from you soon,


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