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Да, дела прямо таки плачевные, вот уже и Миртана об этом пишет. Я вот в Г3 так и толком не поиграл, что говорить о каком-то там заоблачном аддоне.

Вот это кому интерестно:

JoWooD Productions is currently working on Gothic 4
Liezen, Austria, May 22nd 2007; JoWooD confirms having been in promising negotiatons for the development of Gothic 4 on PC and console with various prospective development studios. Releasing Gothic 4 on current-gen console is the next logical step for the Publisher's strategy. JoWooD puts most of its focus on high quality standards as well as reacting to the communities comments and requests for the sequel to its flag-ship title.

Since Pluto 13 and JoWooD have not come to terms regarding the development of Gothic 4, the collaboration has come to an end.

About the JoWooD Group

Shares of the JoWooD Group are traded at the Vienna stock exchange. They are one of the leading publishers of computer and videogames with a worldwide network of distribution partners. JoWooD develops and publishes state-of-the-art entertainment software for all major existing and new generation systems. For more information please visit www.jowood.com or http://corporate.jowood.com.
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